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Keep Track of the Days Until Financial Flexibility With the Skip Holtz Countdown Calendar

We’re almost done with the worst contract USF Athletics has ever seen.

South Florida v Miami Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The day is quickly approaching when USF is no longer responsible for paying off Skip Holtz’s insane five-year, $2.5 million buyout. Through the spectacular incompetence and borderline corruption of former athletic director Doug Woolard, USF has been forced to pay the entire buyout to Holtz, who was fired after the 2012 season and has been coaching at Louisiana Tech the past five years.

Fortunately USF gets out of financial jail on December 31, when the buyout finally expires. Now you can count down the days until that blessed event with our Skip Holtz Countdown Calendar!

Only 18 more days until this disastrous contract is off the books and USF has another half-million dollars to work with in its tight athletic budget. Every day on TDS Twitter, we’ll cross over another box as we work towards the big finale on New Year’s Eve.

P.S. Bit shamelessly stolen from Letterman’s old Phil Donahue Countdown Calendars.