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Nicola Scekic Took A 3-Pointer, And It Went Badly

NCAA Basketball: ACC conference tournament-Georgia Tech vs Virginia Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Where were you when it happened?

With 16:51 left in the first half of USF’s men’s basketball game against SMU at Moody Coliseum in Dallas, 7-foot-2 Nikola Scekic lined up from the top of the key and took a dang three-pointer.

I was sitting on press row and I think I said, “Oh my God what.”

Brian Gregory was kneeling on the court near the USF bench, and a pained expression flashed across his face.

The crowd murmured in confusion, perhaps wondering what had possibly possessed Scekic to take that shot.

I didn’t take a look at SMU coach Tim Jankovic, but I imagine he was delighted.

The ball arced toward the basket majestically. Was it going to defy the odds and go in?

Of course not. It came up way short and barely drew iron as it plummeted to earth.

Before SMU had time to grab the rebound, Gregory was already signaling for Isaiah Manderson to come into the game to replace Scekic.

We will keep you informed if any more incredibly ill-advised shots are launched by USF big men tonight.