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USF Athletics Receives $1 Million Gift For Football Center

The football program received a significant donation for its potential indoor practice facility on Thursday.

USF Athletics

USF Athletics and the USF Foundation announced on Thursday a gift of $1 Million going towards the recently announced USF Football Center.

According to the school's press release, the gift was made by non-alumni supporters of the university who wished to remain nameless

The donors have adopted the Bay Area as their hometown and “expressed a desire to leave a lasting legacy in the region and pave the way for the next generation of USF student-athletes,” per the release.

USF athletic director Mark Harlan and head football coach Charlie Strong both expressed their gratitude for the significant gift.


"This tremendously generous gift continues the great momentum we have for the USF Football Center and the impacts it will have across USF Athletics. It's very exciting to have non-alumni share in our vision and passion for a world-class student-athlete experience and what can be achieved at USF and to support that vision with their investment in our program."


"Tremendous support like this is key as we continue to build this program toward what we all know it can be. We have a lot of momentum going and we really appreciate the people that are helping to build on that and are committed to USF reaching a higher level."

This comes less than a month after Pam and Les Muma made a donation of $8 million to athletics, $5 million of which going towards the construction of the football center.

Harlan himself indicated that the indoor practice facility portion can be completed first for $10 million with the rest of the full $40 million project being done in increments.

Building an IPF was going to be a full donor-driven endeavor and so far, so good as they're already 60% of the way there.

A big thank you to whoever made this donation. Hopefully there's more of this on the way.