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Bus Trip To Tallahassee For NCAA Women’s Tournament Available

Play hooky on Friday and come cheer on your Bulls.

NCAA Womens Basketball: AAC Conference Tournament-USF vs Connecticut David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

USF Athletics and the Alumni Association are partnering on a bus to get you to Tallanasty on Friday for the NCAA Tournament. It’s a bargain at $40.

Details are here:

I’ll be the guy with his laptop open muttering profanity about the #11 seed. I’m friendly and I like beer, but don’t be weird. And don’t ask me OCS questions. Seriously. I really hate that. I have no idea.

At $40 this is a steal, so let’s hope they sell enough to make it worthwhile for efforts like this to continue for other teams at reachable road games in the future.

Travel to reachable road games is something where USF has truly slacked off this decade. Being a presence on the road matters in all sports. Good on the Bulls for doing everything they can to help fans support the team this weekend.