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USF Volleyball Golf Tournament is April 21st at Bardmoor. Come Play With Us!

We write this for free all year. Only one time do we ask for cash, and only for our favorite team. Please help us help them!

USF Volleyball will be holding their 15th Annual (BREAKING: we’re old) Golf Tournament on April 21st at Bardmoor Country Club.

This is one day of the year to cut loose and really enjoy the golf course. Bardmoor is a terrific track, and the friendliest team at USF will be out there with prizes, food, and booze, and plenty of other fun stuff to make it a fantastic day.

All the information is on this cool flyer below. A bunch of the sponsorships available have already sold, but a few are still available if your business or just your name wants to get involved.

We wanted to get the information about the date and time to you here, but will be making our open solicitation for cash donations for those of you that can’t play a bit later. We’re changing that up a bit this year, and making it better for those of you that donate. AKA SWAG COPTAH COMIN!!

Our policy still stands: donate $250 to this team or more, and you have one year to write anything you’d like on this here blog, like our homegirl GenGen did a couple weeks ago.

Also as many of the fundraisers for individual teams have increased over the years in price, this one is still very reasonable. $200 a player for $700 a foursome is a fantastic deal for golf with prizes, food, booze, and everything else you need for a day of fun.

We’ll be out there too, and if you’d like to play with some fellow TDS’ers let us know and we’ll try and put a foursome of you together. We can’t say enough good things about Coach Draper and her ladies: they are fantastically involved members of our community, and you couldn’t ask for a better group to represent the Bulls.

Lock it up one month from today, we’ll see you out there!