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Like, two people! A transfer, and a new recruit!

NCAA Basketball: Wofford at Georgia Tech
“I got someone to play for USF!”
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

So, ya know how the Bulls’ leading scorer and arguably most decent player, Geno Thorpe, decided he was going to leave as a graduate transfer, after already transferring to USF from Penn State? Well apparently someone from his former school is doing the same … except BOMBSHELL, they’re actually coming to USF.

Samuel played his first two seasons at UConn before transferring to PSU, where he averaged 3.9 ppg last season. Not much of a comparison to Geno in that sense, but hey! We’ll pretty much take anyone we can get at this point, and the 6’3”, 208-pound guard will be immediately eligible for next season.

Moving along.

Word of the Bulls’ first Class of 2017 commit came in on... oh, big surprise, a screen shot of the Notes app on someone’s iPhone.

Somebody let me know if #HORNSUP is actually a thing ... ??? (ed. note: No it isn’t.)

Anyway, Justin Brown, a 6’6” small forward, comes from Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham, Virginia, where he played on the post-graduate squad. During his high school career, he was named All-State three times and All-Metro four times.

According to, his “favorite NBA player is Kevin Durant, and his new favorite team is the Warriors.” Which makes me want to throw up and causes my eyes to severely roll. Which also means he’ll likely fit right in, since that’s pretty much how I spent the entire 2016-17 USF men’s basketball season.

And that’s about all we know so far. But like I said… we’ll pretty much take anyone who wants to come put the ball through the net. Or defend. Or do anything basketball related, really.