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How Did Ross Korosec Get Ejected From The USF Baseball Game Last Night?

"Dude, I got ejected from last night’s game." "Did you charge the mound? Did you kick the catcher?" "I volunteered."

mark harlan & mark kingston

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This story was offline for a little while - we took it down to get it confirmed, then reposted.)

Freshman right-hander Ross Korosec has not made an appearance for the USF baseball team this year while recovering from a shoulder injury. But somehow, he was ejected from last night’s game at Stetson. Here’s what happened:

After Andres Leal made a throwing error on a Stetson double steal attempt in the sixth inning, a run scored to make it 6-2 Hatters. Mark Kingston and assistant Mike Currant were having it out with the home plate umpire and he issued a warning. OK, argument over.

Right after that, assistant coach Chris Cates started yelling from the dugout to get Kevin Merrell and the other infielders lined up correctly. The umpire thought it was still Kingston yelling at him and threw Kingston out of the game.

Kingston came out and told the umpire that his assistant was getting guys in position and they weren't still arguing. The umpire said something akin to, ‘well someone has to go so I don’t look stupid.’ Kingston then went down to the end of the bench and asked a few guys if anyone wanted to volunteer to be tossed.

And that's how Ross Korosec was ejected from the game.

This likely makes Korosec the answer to an all-time USF baseball trivia question: Who was the first player to ever be thrown out of a game before playing in one?


I just hope that if Ross is redshirting, this doesn’t affect his eligibility. Imagine losing a year because you volunteered to be the fall guy for an #umpshow. Update: we checked. His eligibility isn’t affected .