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The Ultimate USF Football Player Tournament: The Champion

Your votes are in. Here’s who you picked.

After a final that saw over 1,000 votes pour in, I am pleased to announce that the winner of The Ultimate USF Football Player Tournament, by a margin of 76-24%, is the incomparable Matt Grothe.

Grothe, a one seed, overcame a handful of USF legends to claim the title, including consecutive wins over B.J. Daniels, Mike Jenkins, George Selvie, and, finally, Quinton Flowers.

There were good reasons to vote for like, ten different players in this tournament, but Grothe was certainly one of them. Thanks again for voting and taking the time to analyze and debate each matchup— this series wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without all the reader feedback.

So, for one last time: what are your thoughts on the champion? Did the readers get it right? Would Quinton win this tournament if it were held next season? Did having a rap song written in his honor seal the deal for Grothe?

For one last talking point, here are the top 25 players in USF football history, ranked according to your votes:

  1. Matt Grothe
  2. Quinton Flowers
  3. Marlon Mack
  4. George Selvie
  5. Marquel Blackwell
  6. Mike Jenkins
  7. Kawika Mitchell
  8. Jason Pierre-Paul
  9. Ben Moffitt
  10. J.R. Reed
  11. Andre Hall
  12. Stephen Nicholas
  13. B.J. Daniels
  14. Rodney Adams
  15. Anthony Henry
  16. Andre Davis
  17. Kayvon Webster
  18. Kenyatta Jones
  19. Terrell McClain
  20. Tyrone McKenzie
  21. Nate Allen
  22. Trae Williams
  23. Sam Barrington
  24. D’Ernest Johnson
  25. Carlton Mitchell