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We’re In A Story About USF And An On-Campus Football Stadium

Check out who Channel 10 found to interview as an expert pundit.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at South Florida Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

WTSP (Channel 10 in Tampa) had a story on tonight’s news about USF’s push for an on-campus football stadium. The lede is a bit odd — a Hail Mary? — but otherwise it’s a good piece.

Oh, and they interviewed Collin for it. I’d love to embed the video, but Gannett’s video code is such trash that our blogging platform doesn’t support it. So here’s the piece.

Reporter Garin Flowers ends up zooming in on the Museum of Science and Industry site, once MOSI relocates to Vinikville in downtown Tampa. Obviously USF can’t say anything about that option because MOSI is still there, but it seems like that’s the spot they’re looking at as well. As the piece shows, it’s also a pretty popular spot among USF students, who have proven over and over again that they will not turn out to Raymond James Stadium in huge numbers. No site will be perfect, but that one might have the fewest question marks.

You say you don’t care about all that, and you just want the worst screen shot we could make of Collin’s interview? Sure: