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Five Question Friday: The Tampa Bulls Edition. VOTE NOW!

We are so damn excited for this team, and hope you are too. Support them on their way to NYC and $2 million!!

Philadelphia 76ers v Dallas Mavericks

If you are a Bulls basketball fan, it’s hard not to get excited for the Tampa Bulls in The Basketball Tournament. The roster is composed of plenty of beloved USF players from years past, and they’ve come together to try and win $2 million while representing the green and gold.

If you have not voted, GO VOTE FOR THIS TEAM RIGHT NOW!! The more votes they have, the more preliminary games they won’t have to play to get to Brooklyn and a chance at a huge payday. It’s a great way to support your Bulls, and remember that 10% of that $2 million goes to the fans of the winning team. So you could have a SERIOUS sweat in the finals with some big cash on the line.

Head coach Anthony Brammer and assistant coach Michael Brown, both former Bulls basketball managers and staffers, gave us the full roster and breakdown of the paydays for each player:

Anthony Collins - $135,000
Corey Allen - $135,000
Dominique Jones - $200,000
Hugh Robertson - $135,000
JaVontae Hawkins - $135,000
Victor Rudd Jr. - $135,000
Augustus Gilchrist - $135,000
Toarlyn Fitzpatrick - $135,000
Terrence Leather - $135,000
Ron Anderson - $135,000
Will McDonald - $200,000

Video / Marketing: Uncle Drew Productions **Andrew Graus (Former Manager)** - $15,000

Anthony Brammer - Head Coach - $70,000
Michael J Brown - Assistant Coach - $70,000

Fans: $200,000

Again: PLEASE GO VOTE AND HELP YOUR FELLOW BULLS GET A CHANCE TO COMPETE!! So many other schools are officially supporting their TBT alumni teams, but we haven’t seen much besides a single retweet from USF Athletics. These guys need everyone to help push this team over the top.

With that here’s our Five Question Friday about the Tampa Bulls, because we couldn’t be more excited to watch these guys play again. DoJo on the break! Big Will on the block! Toarlyn for the trail 3! Vic Rudd DOING VIC RUDD THINGS!! WITH THAT HAIR!!


1: Which guy on the roster are you most excited to see get some PT in this tournament?

2. Be honest: which guy did you think would be washed up by now?

3. What’s your favorite memory of any guy on the above roster?

4. If this team played in the 2018 NCAA Tournament, how far do they get?

5. Have you ever been in a winner-take-all contest? How’d you do?