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The Unnamed USF Podcast: The #POW6R Edition.

Live from Newport, we bring in real people that know what they’re talking about to discuss the American Conference. And Josh Appel, too.

A Hungry Collin Sherwin

LIVE FROM NEWPORT, RI: Full of shellfish and stories, we're joined by Richard Johnson of SB Nation, Hali Oughton of the American Conference, and Josh Appel of Sports USA Media (that feels so weird to type) to wrap AAC Media Days. We discuss the conference's path forward, the glory that is The Clambake (it really is that amazing), and all our favorite things from AAC Media Days 2017.

We did this with one microphone that Richard borrowed, so make sure you turn it all the way up as the sound quality isn't fantastic. Neither was I of course, but Richard & Hali & Josh are fortunately way better at this than I am. Enjoy!