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Unnamed USF Podcast: Welcome Back and San Jose State Skypecast Edition

Back and better than ever (although that isn’t saying a whole lot).

NCAA Football: Birmingham Bowl-South Florida vs South Carolina Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Back for another year and soon to be better than ever... it’s the Unnamed USF Podcast, live from Nathan Bond’s home and Collin Sherwin’s local Starbucks.

Not much time for a leisurely preseason podcast — it's already game week! Collin and Nathan discuss what to expect from The Daily Stampede this season (lots of #content and thanks to Anthony Vito, our new podcast producer, much better podcasts). They also talk about the state of the football team, examine the depth chart, decide who will start this weekend, and preview the Week 0 matchup against San Jose State. There’s also some talk about the last week in USF Athletics.

To prove how not atrocious our podcasts are now, we finally have a working iTunes feed. We had to abandon the old one and start over again, but going forward all new Unnamed USF Podcasts will be available here. Click here and subscribe.

Our podcasting studio isn’t quite available yet, so this podcast was done entirely remotely via Skype. Turn that volume knob up and enjoy.