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USF Scores Two Touchdowns, Hopefully Gets Everyone Off The Ledge

It’s (probably) going to be OK, Bulls fans.

NCAA Football: South Florida at San Jose State Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

After a worrying first quarter in which San Jose State took a 16-0 lead and USF looked... shambolic? atrocious? horrific? godawful? Any or all of those words would do. Fortunately that has not carried over to the second quarter, and the Bulls have put up two quick touchdowns to pull within 16-14.

Courtesy of our man on the sideline:

Of note: on that fourth-down play where D’Ernest Johnson scored a touchdown, we think that’s the first time USF has taken a snap under center since the 2014 season. We’re not counting victory formations, and only because we’re not sure if those were under center or not in 2015. They certainly weren’t in 2016.

It’s now 16-14 San Jose State 21-16 USF in the second quarter, and the situation appears to have stabilized. We’ll let you know if it’s time to start drinking heavily or breathing into a paper bag again.