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Five Question Friday: The Perfect Music Edition

Play perfect tracks only. Even the ones you aren’t supposed to love.

Fleetwood Mac Performs On The Today Show Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images

There are some songs that are just... perfect.

Our Fearless Leader Spencer got us thinking about it this week when he started this thread:

What followed was a list of everything from Glen Campbell to Sia. All of them are fantastic, and they are all tracks you likely know already if you’re even a moderate consumer of pop culture.

There are certain moments of musical amazing where, even if it’s in a genre you really don’t like, you appreciate how good it really is.

So this week we ask not about good songs, or what’s on your Spotify right now... but ones that are so flawless in construction everyone should love them.

  1. What song do you love that’s a part of a genre you generally dislike?
  2. Name a song older than you which you cannot turn off when it’s on the radio.
  3. Pick a track you wish USF Athletics would play at football games that could appeal to everyone, from the kids on the field to the old fogies in expensive donor seating.
  4. What’s your best example of a “perfect” song?
  5. What song does everyone else in your life love that you think is actually pretty terrible?