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Haiku and Postgame Thoughts: USF 61, ECU 31

Guys: this team is good. It’s ok to enjoy it.

NCAA Football: South Florida at East Carolina James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone freaked out

But everyone still forgets

The Bulls are for real

Look: 61-31 on the road is an ass-whoopin’. The defense did have some leaks in the first half, and it wasn’t perfect. Tip your cap to ECU and some untimely penalties. But your #18 Bulls are really good, and should continue to improve as the season progresses.

It’s a bye week, and the back half of this schedule is absolutely tougher. If they play like they did today, they’ll be in a closer game down the stretch. But let’s try and enjoy what is likely the best team in USF’s 21-season history.

- Most points ever scored by USF in a road game (previous record was 49 at Memphis last year)

- Third-most points against an FBS opponent

- USF ran for THREE HUNDRED AND NINETY YARDS on 50 carries

- USF 8.1 yards per play. ECU 5.0

- MVS had 174 total yards (94 receiving, 80 rushing) with two TDs

- USF was 10 for 14 on third down

- Thomas Sirk threw for 302 yards and rushed for 87 and accounted for all four ECU touchdowns. That kid is really good and gave the Bulls fits. Respect to him. He needs some help

- ECU scored two TDs on fourth down and turned a roughing the punter penalty into another score, after their last scoring drive they only had 78 total yards

- Welcome to the USF statbook, Chris Oladokun. 1-1, 12 yards