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USF Freshman WR Kevaughn Dingle No Longer With Team After Felony Sexual Battery Arrest in November

The Miami native was suspended from team activities following the arrest.


A USF spokesperson confirmed Wednesday to The Daily Stampede that suspended freshman wide receiver Kevaughn Dingle was no longer a part of the football team.

Dingle was arrested and charged with sexual battery on a person over 18 - a second degree felony - on November 17 after university police received a call from a woman stating that Dingle had forced himself on her the day prior in USF’s Holly dorms.

Sexual battery is defined by Florida law as:

“Sexual battery” means oral, anal, or vaginal penetration by, or union with, the sexual organ of another or the anal or vaginal penetration of another by any other object; however, sexual battery does not include an act done for a bona fide medical purpose.

“Right now he’s suspended, ‘til we get all the details and see exactly what happens,” head coach Charlie Strong said the following Monday during the American Athletic Conference weekly teleconference.

The school did not give out an official statement after the arrest. The USF spokesperson on Wednesday said it’s “been a while” since Dingle was officially a part of the team and not just suspended.

Dingle posted a $7,500 bail on November 18 and was assigned a public defender to his case. No hearing date has been set.

If convicted, Dingle faces up to 15 years in prison and must register with the sex offender/predator registry.

If you or anyone you know is a victim of any kind of crime, including sexual assault, the university Victim Helpline phone number is (813) 974-5757.