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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Gasparilla Edition

Arrrr! It’s Gasparilla Week and we’re sendin’ basketball down the plank and hoistin’ the colors of our new OOC brethern.

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Ahoy mateys! We’re recordin’ live from a conference cabin in the WaVe in beautiful downtown Tampa afore this land be pillaged by seafarin’ pirates in a surprise invasion! So we’re gettin’ ready fer the greatest time o’ the year by talkin’ bout yer favorite USF Bulls news o’ the week.

We natter about the New York Alumni Chapter Gasparilla Party fer our scallywags in NYC (we see ye listeners in the tri-state area ‘n we thank ye!)

The confirmed 2-fer-1 wit’ former conference rival Louisville, the confirmed home ‘n home wit’ ACC foe NC State ‘n the future out o’ conference schedulin’ wit’ Mark Harlan at th’ helm (I’ll jus’ put this here.)

The scallywags also natter about future MLB Star Shane McClanahan, the Shrine Game that our own Nathan Bond covered ‘n wha’ the USF players invited did, USF Men’s Basketball (afore thar first conference win at Tulane this evenin’), USF Women’s Basketball, th’ contract extension fer Denise Schilte-Brown ‘n GASPARILLA!

We also loot yer #AskTDS facebook ‘n twitter riddles ‘n we loot some good ones!

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