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Protect Your Unit Week 7 Picks Thread

Improvised games will soon begin appearing on the calendar.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

First of all, I hope none of you were impacted by the recent hurricane. As is my custom when storms come near to our players, I am making Week 7 a free week - it will not count against you if you don’t make any bets. Usually, the rule is one bye week per season, but you are free to not bet (or to underbet) Week 7, and still have your bye week to use.

Speaking of weather, remember all those cancelled games we had back in September? Some new games have been scheduled to replace them:

  • Bethune-Cookman at Nebraska, October 27
  • Incarnate Word at Iowa State, December 1
  • East Carolina at North Carolina State, December 1

This still leaves several FBS teams at only 11 games: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Marshall, Southern Mississippi, Appalachian State, Akron, and Central Florida. It’s likely that more improvised games will be scheduled, either against FCS opponents (many of whom also need a replacement game), or each other. If any new games are added, they will be added to the PYU database so you can bet your fake money on them.

Since most conferences have championship games now, most schools need to leave December 1 open for a potential title game appearance. As the season goes on, and schools are eliminated from contention, more December 1 games will pop up. In fact, the ECU-NC State game comes with the caveat that the game will not be played if either team plays for a conference title that day. NC State could do it; if they can somehow knock off Clemson next week, their schedule gets easier. East Carolina’s 2018 AAC East prospects depend largely upon the theory that every possible outcome exists in an alternate universe somewhere.

Please visit to see this week’s picks. I’ve fixed that page so it displays bets as it should: bets become visible after noon on Friday, or after the game kicks off. For parlays, only component games that have already kicked off are visible, though you can see the (TBD) indicator.

I see that six parlays are riding on the Texas Tech-TCU over (and one on the under). As I write this, it’s 7-3 at the half, so they need to get to work. There also was action on the Tuesday night Fun Belt game. I love to see the creative bets you guys come up with.

Use this thread to discuss this week’s games, your picks, shameless lobbying for awards, and so forth.