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Protect Your Unit Week 8 Results

USF didn’t win by 33 points. Who’d a thunk it?

NCAA Football: Connecticut at South Florida
“Oh well, at least we beat the spread. And the under! Hey, maybe we’re getting better! I miss being a race car driver.”
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Let’s get this out of the way first: a lot of our players made cheddar on UConn getting almost five touchdowns against USF. And the point spread actually went up during the week, from +33 to +34. Nine players took UConn and the points, netting $324.23 in fake winnings. This bet also appeared in several parlays. It’s almost as of our players have seen USF play recently, and knew they wouldn’t cover 33 points against anyone.

On the flip side, almost everyone missed on Cincinnati-Temple. Cincy came in as an underdog despite being undefeated; a lot of players took the points and/or a favorable money line. This certainly wasn’t a bad play, as the game was decided by the crapshoot of overtime. But only jjlovecub took Temple, and won $30 fake dollars.

Everyone also whiffed on North Carolina State-Clemson. After close games between these teams in 2017 and 2016, the Wolfpack didn’t come close to covering this year. Nobody took Clemson. And mmmmsnouts was the only one of eight players who correctly picked Missouri to cover against Memphis.

Another theme this week was near-miss money line bets. In addition to Cincinnati, who would have paid +150 to +160, some of you nearly cashed in:

  • ULhothot, Kent State +185 (lost 24-23 in OT), Rutgers +1000 (lost by 3 late)
  • jrjs, Texas State +350 (lost by 7) and Miami of Ohio over Army (lost by 1 in OT). By the way, Army won despite not completing a pass (they were 0 for 2 on attempts).
  • Defdans, UConn +7000 (would have paid $700, and broken the record for biggest underdog win)

It’s one thing to pick USF not to cover, but to pick UConn to win outright on Homecoming is pretty damn spiteful. So that wins Randolph & Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week.

But our top story this week is: BullsOnParade96 comes crashing back to the pack.

After using big parlays to exceed $3,000 in six weeks, and leading by almost $1,200 entering Week 8, BoP missed all his parlay bets this week:

bullsonparade96 Over 64.5 points in the Central Florida-East Carolina game; Over 67.5 points in the Oregon-Washington State game (LOSS,LOSS) Central Florida 37-10; Washington State 34-20 250.00 LOSS -250.00
bullsonparade96 Over 58.5 points in the Kansas-Texas Tech game; Over 71.0 points in the Memphis-Missouri game; Over 64.5 points in the Central Florida-East Carolina game (WIN,WIN,LOSS) Texas Tech 48-16; Missouri 65-33; Central Florida 37-10 150.00 LOSS -150.00
bullsonparade96 Cincinnati +4.0 points over Temple; Under 48.5 points in the Cincinnati-Temple game (LOSS,WIN) Temple 24-17; Temple 24-17 100.00 LOSS -100.00
bullsonparade96 Tulsa +6.5 points over Arkansas Arkansas 23-0 100.00 LOSS -100.00
bullsonparade96 Cincinnati +4.0 points over Temple; Tulsa +6.5 points over Arkansas; Over 64.5 points in the North Carolina-Syracuse game (LOSS,LOSS,WIN) Temple 24-17; Arkansas 23-0; Syracuse 40-37 50.00 LOSS -50.00

Ouch. That’s a loss of $650 fake dollars, largely done in by the aforementioned Cincinnati result, and the Central Florida-ECU under. He falls from $2,777.62 to $2,127.62.

Moving the other direction is e-dogg42:

E-dogg42 Oklahoma -7.5 points over Texas Christian; Arkansas -6.5 points over Tulsa (WIN,WIN) Oklahoma 52-27; Arkansas 23-0 61.50 WIN 159.90
E-dogg42 Under 63.5 points in the Buffalo-Toledo game; Under 73.5 points in the Coastal Carolina-Massachusetts game (WIN,WIN) Buffalo 31-17; Coastal Carolina 24-13 60.00 WIN 156.00

Making an over-under parlay out of two obscure games, and winning both easily, is a strong play for Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week. Combined with other plays, e-Dogg42 won a total of $364.79, which makes the top of the table now:

BullsOnParade96 2,127.62
E-dogg42 1,731.74

And we have a race again! Here’s the entire table:

BullsOnParade96 2127.62 -650.00
E-dogg42 1731.74 364.79
jjlovecub 1315.64 27.00
mcgies852 1209.20 -375.00
jrjs 1115.43 -130.45
ucscott 1080.82 0.00
Defdans 1058.24 -29.55
Lrdnorman 1008.88 -158.11
andrewpina 898.44 36.36
ULhothot 885.25 -167.82
GaryStephen 878.97 -21.64
collin 865.21 0.00
HerdCountry941 848.70 20.18
carlzee 819.42 -37.29
Gibbsak 805.65 -55.00
Snafu13 754.05 -54.55
mmmmsnouts 748.06 -75.00
BrianMartin 695.42 -200.49
dsidwell31 642.69 90.00
anthonyvito 606.19 -59.09
ElliotMoore 403.59 -87.73
gym399 392.46 36.36
undercoverbull 387.47 -160.91
McIntyre2K7 255.64 0.00

Week 9 national games of note: It’s Florida-Georgia week, and that game is surprisingly relevant in Dan Mullen’s first year. The winner almost certainly takes the SEC East, though Kentucky still has a say. Texas A&M-Mississippi State is one of many games that will sort out the deep SEC West. Clemson has to go to Florida State, never an easy place to win. The Big Ten has Iowa-Penn State, Wisconsin-Northwestern, and Purdue-Michigan State. Don’t laugh; Purdue and Northwestern have one conference loss, and are very much in the wide-open Big Ten West race. In the Pac-12, Washington State is at Stanford. Appalachian State-Georgia Southern is an important Sun Belt game.

We have a Tuesday Night game, five Thursday night games, and five Friday night games.

In the AAC: USF finally plays a decent opponent in Houston. Temple and Central Florida are on bye weeks, and Cincinnati plays cross-division opponent SMU, so the four contenders in the East still don’t play any games against each other. East Carolina is also off. UConn hosts UMass in a non-conference game. Which make good hate-watching, since the Bulls struggled to put away both of those teams.

The only West Division game is Tulane at Tulsa. Navy plays its annual non-conference game against Notre Dame. Memphis is off.