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Protect Your Unit Week 6 Results

The rich get richer.

That’s just about how much BullsOnParade96 won this week.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

The story of this season continues to be BullsOnParade96’s ability to hit big parlays:

bullsonparade96 Over 64.0 points in the Washington State-Oregon State game
Under 58.0 points in the California-Arizona game (WIN,WIN)
Washington State 56-37
Arizona 24-17
300.00 WIN 780.00

He would have hit two more parlays for another 730 fake dollars, but chose BYU, who got routed by Utah State. Despite that, he won $625.45 and extends his already-large lead.

Another parlay big hitter, mcgies852, also hit on two:

mcgies852 Notre Dame -4.5 points over Virginia Tech
Illinois -2.5 points over Rutgers
Georgia Tech -3.0 points over Louisville (WIN,WIN,WIN)
Notre Dame 45-23
Illinois 38-17
Georgia Tech 66-31
50.00 WIN 300.00
mcgies852 Utah State +3.0 points over Brigham Young
Georgia Tech -3.0 points over Louisville (WIN,WIN)
Utah State 45-20
Georgia Tech 66-31
25.00 WIN 65.00

Like BullsOnParade96, he had two other parlays that would have won, but were both done in by one incorrect pick: East Carolina, who got blown out by Temple. He nets $353.63 in fake dollars, stays in second place, and is just short of $2,000 for the season.

Jrjs had an amazing set of results:

jrjs Under 64.5 points in the Arizona State-Colorado game
Over 47.5 points in the Tulane-Cincinnati game
Over 51.5 points in the East Carolina-Temple game (WIN,WIN,WIN)
Colorado 28-21
Cincinnati 37-21
Temple 49-6
15.00 WIN 90.00
jrjs Over 59.0 points in the Syracuse-Pittsburgh game
Over 52.0 points in the Iowa State-Oklahoma State game
Over 60.5 points in the New Mexico-Nevada-Las Vegas game (WIN,WIN,WIN)
Pittsburgh 44-37
Iowa State 48-42
New Mexico 50-14
10.00 WIN 60.00
jrjs New Mexico +300.0 money line to beat Nevada-Las Vegas New Mexico 50-14 15.00 WIN 45.00
jrjs Alabama-Birmingham +290.0 money line to beat Louisiana Tech Alabama-Birmingham 28-7 15.00 WIN 43.50
jrjs Kentucky +195.0 money line to beat Texas A&M Texas A&M 20-14 15.00 LOSS -15.00
jrjs Miami (OH) +180.0 money line to beat Akron Miami (OH) 41-17 15.00 WIN 27.00
jrjs Utah State +125.0 money line to beat Brigham Young Utah State 45-20 15.00 WIN 18.75
jrjs Over 59.0 points in the Syracuse-Pittsburgh game Pittsburgh 44-37 15.00 WIN 13.64
jrjs Over 52.0 points in the Iowa State-Oklahoma State game Iowa State 48-42 15.00 WIN 13.64
jrjs Over 60.5 points in the New Mexico-Nevada-Las Vegas game New Mexico 50-14 15.00 WIN 13.64
jrjs Over 72.0 points in the Southern Methodist-Central Florida game Central Florida 48-20 15.00 LOSS -15.00
jrjs Over 47.5 points in the Miami (OH)-Akron game Miami (OH) 41-17 15.00 WIN 13.64
jrjs Old Dominion +15.0 points over Florida Atlantic Florida Atlantic 52-33 15.00 LOSS -15.00
jrjs Colorado -2.0 points over Arizona State Colorado 28-21 15.00 WIN 13.64
jrjs Georgia Tech -3.5 points over Louisville Georgia Tech 66-31 15.00 WIN 13.64
jrjs Alabama-Birmingham +9.5 points over Louisiana Tech Alabama-Birmingham 28-7 15.00 WIN 13.64
jrjs Washington State -15.5 points over Oregon State Washington State 56-37 15.00 WIN 14.71

That’s two three-way parlays, 4 out of 5 on underdog money lines (with the only miss being an overtime game), and 7 for 9 on straight bets. And the two losses were only by 4 points each. Just from a pure picking perspective, I can’t recall anyone having a better week. He profits $349.44. And that was only good enough for third place on the week!

Also deserving recognition (which generally means you won more than $100) are:

  • E-dogg42, +205.13, two two-bet parlay wins.
  • jjlovecup, +188.18, bet $210 on USF to cover. Which shows so much faith in the home team, that I must award it Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week.
  • undercoverbull, +118.65, hit a two-way parlay on Buffalo and Illinois ATS.
  • Seven other players had a profitable week, while nine were in the red.

Your standings:

BullsOnParade96 3132.17 625.45
mcgies852 1995.44 353.63
E-dogg42 1648.95 205.13
jrjs 1348.78 349.44
jjlovecub 1268.18 188.18
ULhothot 1199.33 97.87
Lrdnorman 1198.09 20.20
BrianMartin 1191.91 -150.98
ucscott 1080.81 0
HerdCountry941 1047.43 78.55
Defdans 1046.52 58.40
GaryStephen 1045.59 -34.85
andrewpina 1013.89 -154.55
Snafu13 930.88 -75.91
carlzee 903.98 -45.91
collin 865.21 0
Gibbsak 848.96 13.45
mmmmsnouts 823.06 29.36
dsidwell31 727.70 -48.18
ElliotMoore 716.29 -133.64
undercoverbull 683.83 118.65
anthonyvito 676.64 36.36
gym399 538.79 -135.46
McIntyre2K7 445.64 -70.00

USF-UMass was this week’s most bet game by far, and most players had USF or the over. The group also did well on UAB-Louisiana Tech (that good ol’ Skip Holtz antipathy), Texas-Oklahoma, and Cincinnati-Tulane. Syracuse-Pittsburgh, East Carolina-Temple, and LSU-Florida all had at least 8 bets and lost at least $171 total.

Vanderbilt scored a cheap touchdown with 9 seconds to play against Georgia, making the final score 41-13 instead of 41-6. This gave McIntyre2K7 ($65) and snafu13 ($18.18) “over” wins they would otherwise have lost. Backdoor covers can help just as much as they can hurt.

We had 11 Gambletron bets this week, which went 7-4. Remember to check that page, for off-the-beaten-path games that will offer you a favorable payoff. A bet of $100 fake dollars pays $98.04 instead of the usual $90.91. There’s a big difference between -110 and -102, so if you ever do any real gambling, don’t overlook the vigorish.

I’m not awarding Randolph and Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week as I didn’t see any clear candidates.

Week 7 is next, and we finally start getting some big intra-conference games. Georgia-LSU was a top 5 matchup before LSU lost in Gainesville, but still could be a challenge for the Bulldogs. Michigan State-Penn State and Wisconsin-Michigan will help decide the Big Ten. Other important games include Washington-Oregon, Colorado-USC, and Texas A&M-the other USC. Tuesday Night games also start, with Appalachian State-Arkansas State. Get your bets in early for the Fun Belt.

Speaking of ranked teams, hey! USF is somehow in the polls, and goes to Tulsa on Friday night. There are only three other AAC games: Central Florida-Memphis, Temple-Navy, and Houston-East Carolina. Cincinnati, Connecticut, SMU, and Tulane are off.