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Protect Your Unit Week 13 Results Thread

We talk about Drake and Old Dominion. But not USF.

Drake & Virgil Abloh Celebrate Miami Art Week At The American Express Platinum House At The Miami Beach EDITION
No, not that Drake.
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for American Express Platinum

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

We all know what happened on Friday. The less that about it the better. A total of $369.12 was lost on straight bets, parlays, and over bets. ElliotMoore staked $150 on a three-way parlay that would have otherwise come in.

Furthermore, undercoverbull made his last-ditch bet on USF to cover, which they did not. So he’s now out of the competition for the season.

But at least nobody bet on USF twice. They same can’t be said for ULhothot and... Old Dominion?

Old Dominion has had a very entertaining 4-8 season. We talked previously about their upset win over Virginia Tech and bizarre loss to East Carolina. They also rallied from a 28-0 deficit to beat North Texas with 15 seconds left. And that’s not even their most ridiculous win: that would be against Western Kentucky, on a third untimed down, thanks to a facemask penalty on a missed field goal return. Please note this team also lost to Charlotte, the aforementioned East Carolina, and Liberty by 42. Their one non-absurd win was over a terrible VMI team.

ULhothot put ODU -7 over Rice into two different parlays, which wrecked them both. He nailed Appalachian State, Penn State, Florida and Georgia. That’s a shoe-in for Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week.

Carlzee wins Randolph & Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week for putting $1 on Temple at a -12000 money line over UConn. It won $0.008333, which in our game is rounded to one cent.

In keeping with the theme of frustration, no parlays came in this week, but look how many near misses there were:

anthonyvito Over 54.0 points in the Oklahoma State-Texas Christian game
Over 65.0 points in the Utah State-Boise State game (WIN,LOSS)
Texas Christian 31-24
Boise State 33-24
75.00 LOSS -75.00
anthonyvito Over 74.5 points in the Houston-Memphis game
Over 68.5 points in the Central Florida-South Florida game (WIN,LOSS)
Memphis 52-31
Central Florida 38-10
50.00 LOSS -50.00
dsidwell31 Over 52.5 points in the Auburn-Alabama game
Alabama-Birmingham -2.5 points over Middle Tennessee State
Georgia Southern -10.5 points over Georgia State (WIN,LOSS,WIN)
Alabama 52-21
Middle Tennessee State 27-3
Georgia Southern 35-14
100.00 LOSS -100.00
E-dogg42 Over 54.0 points in the Ball State-Miami (OH) game
Northern Illinois -5.5 points over Western Michigan
Under 51.0 points in the Northern Illinois-Western Michigan game (WIN,LOSS,WIN)
Miami (OH) 42-21
Western Michigan 28-21
Western Michigan 28-21
40.00 LOSS -40.00
ElliotMoore Buffalo -14.0 points over Bowling Green State
South Florida +14.5 points over Central Florida
Ohio State +4.0 points over Michigan (WIN,LOSS,WIN)
Buffalo 44-14
Central Florida 38-10
Ohio State 62-39
150.00 LOSS -150.00
gym399 Connecticut +31.0 points over Temple
Rutgers +27.5 points over Michigan State
San Jose State +32.5 points over Fresno State (LOSS,WIN,WIN)
Temple 57-7
Michigan State 14-10
Fresno State 31-13
50.00 LOSS -50.00
HerdCountry941 Florida -6.0 points over Florida State
Washington State -1.5 points over Washington
Cincinnati -17.0 points over East Carolina (WIN,LOSS,WIN)
Florida 41-14
Washington 28-15
Cincinnati 56-6
35.00 LOSS -35.00
ULhothot Old Dominion -7.0 points over Rice
Appalachian State -10.5 points over Troy
Penn State -13.0 points over Maryland (LOSS,WIN,WIN)
Rice 27-13
Appalachian State 21-10
Penn State 38-3
60.00 LOSS -60.00
ULhothot Notre Dame -10.5 points over Southern California
Penn State -13.0 points over Maryland
Oklahoma -2.0 points over West Virginia (LOSS,WIN,WIN)
Notre Dame 24-17
Penn State 38-3
Oklahoma 59-56
60.00 LOSS -60.00
ULhothot Old Dominion -7.0 points over Rice
Georgia -16.5 points over Georgia Tech
Florida -6.0 points over Florida State (LOSS,WIN,WIN)
Rice 27-13
Georgia 45-21
Florida 41-14
50.00 LOSS -50.00


BullsOnParade96 2,127.62 0.00
jrjs 1,627.64 34.09
andrewpina 1,286.20 101.09
jjlovecub 1,251.37 -10.00
mcgies852 1,209.20 0.00
E-dogg42 1,156.88 -122.97
ULhothot 1,141.17 -169.78
ucscott 1,008.59 0.00
Defdans 936.88 -125.00
collin 865.21 0.00
HerdCountry941 795.98 -139.00
mmmmsnouts 738.97 0.00
carlzee 736.00 -69.99
Gibbsak 730.65 0.00
Snafu13 713.60 0.00
GaryStephen 589.56 -68.11
gym399 566.55 -173.64
dsidwell31 417.69 -180.00
Lrdnorman 386.26 0.00
anthonyvito 379.69 -154.55
BrianMartin 220.42 0.00
ElliotMoore 51.49 -136.35
McIntyre2K7 0.00 0.00
undercoverbull 0.00 0.00

The only players in the black where andrewpina (101.09) and jrjs (34.09). 5 for 7 and 8 for 13, respectively. jjlovecub split 4 bets and took only a ten dollar loss.

Players in italics have missed too many weeks, and cannot be crowned official champion.

ElliotMoore (51.49) and BrianMartin (220.42) can bet their remaining fake money on one bet if desired.

The following players do not have to play Week 14, as they have one or more bye weeks remaining to use: andrewpina, anthonyvito, carlzee, Defdans, dsidwell31, E-dogg42, ElliotMoore, GaryStephen, GibbsAK, gym399, HerdCountry941, jjlovecub, jrjs, ULhothot. Please note that you can also you a bye week to underbet. Meaning, play some games without fulfilling the 3 bets/1 AAC bet/5% or $50 requirements. You can’t sit out Week 15, which is bowl season. More on that as it approaches.

In the meantime, Week 14 consists of conference championship games, which are:

  • American: Memphis at Central Florida
  • Atlantic Coast: Clemson vs Pittsburgh (at Charlotte)
  • Big Ten: Ohio State vs Northwestern (at Indianapolis)
  • Big XII: Texas vs Oklahoma (at Arlington, Texas)
  • Conference USA: UAB at Middle Tennessee
  • Mid-American: Buffalo vs Northern Illinois (at Detroit)
  • Mountain West: Fresno State at Boise State
  • Pacific 12: Washington vs Utah (at Santa Clara, California)
  • Southeastern: Alabama vs Georgia (at Atlanta)
  • Sun Belt: Louisiana-Lafayette at Appalachian State

Be aware that the American, C-USA, Mountain West, Sun Belt championships are not neutral-site games. Oddly, UAB will play at Middle Tennessee for the second week in a row. MTSU won 27-3 on Saturday.

Week 14 also includes the Army-Navy game, even though it doesn’t happen until December 8. Your weekly bankroll doesn’t reset after the December 1 games, so you need to save some if you want to play it later.

Finally, Week 14 includes several games that were improvised or postponed after the spate of cancellations earlier this season:

  • East Carolina at North Carolina State
  • Akron at South Carolina
  • Norfolk State at Liberty (postponed from September 15)
  • Stanford at California (postponed from two weeks ago, due to the ongoing wildfires)
  • Marshall at Virginia Tech. This tentative game became official when Virginia Tech rallied to beat Virginia in overtime, moving them to 5-6 and still alive for bowl eligibility. Virginia Tech has been to a bowl game every year since 1993, which is the second-longest streak now that Florida State’s bowl streak is dead. Please note the Gasparilla Bowl has an bottom-rung ACC tie-in.
  • Finally, Iowa State hosts Drake. Iowa State was supposed to play Incarnate Word in this slot, but UIW made the FCS playoffs, so the game was called off. Drake University, based in Des Moines, plays in the non-scholarship Pioneer Football Conference of FCS. This is the same league that Jacksonville and Stetson play in. Despite that, Drake football has had a lot of historical moments:
  • The appalling Johnny Bright incident against Oklahoma A&M (now Oklahoma State);
  • Having Babe Ruth practice with them;
  • Playing a bowl game in Africa in 2011;
  • Playing an exhibition game in China before this season. Drake beat a team of Chinese all-stars 77-0. I guess we don’t need to start recruiting Beijing yet.

Drake actually beat Iowa State last time they played, in 1985. But the Missouri Valley Conference was I-A then, comparable to the MAC. The next year, Drake eliminated football scholarships, dropping them to an even lower level of competition than the MVC would soon find itself.

A matchup between a winning Big XII team and a non-scholarship team could be very one-sided. But it’s one of the few games available to bet this week, so I’ll make every effort to find a line for it.

The first batch of lines for Championship Week will be posted Sunday night or Monday morning.