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Protect Your Unit Week 14 Midweek Thread

It’s Army-Navy day.

Ronnie McAda
Remember when Army and Navy wore these uniforms? And weren’t good at football?

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Week 14 is still ongoing. It includes all of last week’s games, and the Army-Navy game tomorrow. If you still have fake money left in your Week 14 bankroll, you may use it on this game.

As of 7:45 AM Eastern time, bets so far on Army-Navy include:

andrewpina Navy +260.0 money line to beat ArmyTBD 46.55

dsidwell31 Army -7.0 points over Navy; Over 41.0 points in the Army-Navy game (TBD,TBD) 250.00

GaryStephen Army -264.0 money line to beat Navy 12.00

HerdCountry941 Army -7.0 points over Navy 20.00

ULhothotNavy +236.0 money line to beat Army 30.00

The standings going into this game (excluding players who have missed too many weeks) are:

jrjs 1,679.91 (+52.57)
jjlovecub 1,251.37
andrewpina 1,220.65 (-65.55)
ULhothot 1,107.08 (-34.09)
E-dogg42 957.66 (-199.22)
HerdCountry941 795.98
Gibbsak 756.56 (25.91)
Defdans 711.88 (-225.00)
GaryStephen 670.56 (81.00)
carlzee 585.00 (-151.00)
dsidwell31 417.69
Lrdnorman 386.26
anthonyvito 379.69
gym399 316.55 (-250.00)
ElliotMoore 0.00 (-51.49)
undercoverbull 0.00
McIntyre2K7 0.00

Once the Army-Navy game is complete, Week 15 (bowl season) will be announced, and you can begin to place fake wagers on bowl games.

Use this space to talk Army-Navy, your picks, bowl games, or anything else college-football related.