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Bulluminati Bonus: The #TrustTheProcesses Edition

Sterlin Gilbert accepted the Head Coach position at McNeese St. and we recorded an impromtu podcast featuring Lauren Pickel!

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Lauren Pickel (@laurpicks) joins Collin Sherwin and Anthony Vito for an impromptu Bulluminati Bonus Podcast after the news of Sterlin Gilbert heading to McNeese St. and the Gasparilla Bowl Team Invasion.

Topics discussed include:

  • 0:00: Vito’s rip-off intro of the Shutdown Fullcast, Sterlin Gilbert heading to McNeese St. to become their next Head Coach and our initial reaction.
  • 7:00: Our evening in Tampa tonight from the Gasparilla Team Invasion event to holiday parties!
  • 9:00: Renewing season tickets, getting two free bowl tickets, next season’s home slate and bowl events.
  • 11:00: Who’s calling plays? Recruiting and post-finals team meetings.
  • 17:00: Hope for the future and #TrustTheProcesses.
  • 21:00: Lauren plugs Seminole Hard Rock Tampa events, restaurants, and entertainment.
  • 27:40: Collin plugs 813area and events this weekend.
  • 31:03: We do a quick Twitter AMA on all things USF and we answer the age old question “is a hotdog a sandwhich?” Spoilers! It’s closer to a taco than a sandwich.

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