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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Opening Day Edition

Grab your aluminum bats and leather gloves cause we’re recording live from Opening Day!

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Back at it again, Collin Sherwin and Nathan Bond bring The Bulluminati Podcast on the road to the USF Baseball Complex for Opening Day (erm Night) 2018! Right off the heels of The Daily Stampede Baseball Preview we talk up Billy Mohl’s first game as head coach and what to expect for this game, this series and this season. Spoilers: The Bulls win the opener 4-3 with Shane McClanahan striking out 11 in six innings and closer Andrew Perez shutting the door with a five-out save.

The guys also welcome special guest, Josh Appel back to the podcast as he brings his expert analysis to this year’s baseball team, excitement for the season and being back to the site he found out he won the 2016 Jim Nantz Award.

We also talk about the 2018 USF Football Schedule, with Collin attempting his way-too-early win-loss projections; the pre-Spring expectations for the team and program and the epic USF Women’s Basketball victory over Ohio St. We didn’t get to take your #AskTDS Facebook and Twitter questions, but if you have any questions with what we discussed go ahead and ask us in the comments!

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