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Kevaughn Dingle Has All Felony Sexual Battery Charges Dropped

The former Bulls wide receiver is now enrolled at Iowa Central Community College, and is cleared of all charges.


Former Bulls wide receiver Kevaughn Dingle has had all felony sexual battery charges against him dropped by Hillsborough County.

Why did this happen? I don’t know. On November 17th the USF Police Department believed they had probable cause to charge and arrest Dingle. But the case never even went to trial, and Dingle has been cleared of any crime.

So why am I writing this, as I retired from this blog five months ago? Dingle is no longer on the team, and according to his Twitter account he is enrolled at Iowa Central Community College, so it’s not really news for USF fans anymore.

Because I also wrote this, with the headline “Kevaughn Dingle Arrested For Felony Sexual Battery.” That remains true as he was arrested, and we made no judgements about his guilt or innocence at any time. We also included information on resources available to victims of sexual assault at USF. Those are still available here.

When a football player is arrested for a sex crime, that is absolutely newsworthy. Especially when that player is arrested by one university department (USFPD), and another university department (USF Athletics) refused to even issue a statement about his status on the team. A simple “we take these matters very seriously, and pending investigation he his suspended from team activities...” or “we are aware of the arrest made by USFPD and are working with other departments, but due to student privacy rights...” would have been more than sufficient.

But USF Athletics didn’t even answer our repeated inquiries about his status until Joey Knight asked multiple questions about it of Charlie Strong on a weekly AAC conference call. That’s how we found out, as no statement from USF Athletics was ever issued.

But all charges against Kevaughn Dingle have been dropped. And I want the first thing in Google to pop up relating to this incident be “Kevaughn Dingle has all felony sexual battery charges dropped.” Because he has been cleared. And for whatever reason that is, he should be able to continue with his college career and life without stigma.

So Kevaughn Dingle has all felony sexual battery charges against him dropped. We wish him the utmost success in his college career and beyond. We also hope justice was served here. But we really wanted to make sure and let everyone know: Kevaughn Dingle has all felony sexual battery charges dropped.

Because it’s the right thing to do.