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The Bulluminati Podcast: The #SpringofRings Edition

It’s May and we have a lot to talk about after a two week hiatus.

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Birmingham Bowl - Texas Tech v South Florida Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Collin Sherwin, Nathan Bond and Senator Giggity are back at it again at Sourcetoad studios at the Tampa Bay WaVe in beautiful downtown Tampa after a two week hiatus! And with more hardware courtesy of men’s golf’s fourpeat!

The guys talk about the NFL draft results and which former Bulls have contracts or will be competing for contracts, the Mark Harlan extension and what to expect with the future of fundraising, the IPF and the OCS, post-spring football, the uncertainty of the kicking game, the QB battle and what the Blake Barnett visit means for USF and our uncensored #opinions on that matter.

We also discuss the #springofrings with the success of the bat sports being in the heat of the regular season conference champion race, what it’ll take to host a regional, the amazing turnaround of softball, men’s golf’s fourth consecutive American Conference Championship and their regional selection.

We also take your #AskTDS Facebook and Twitter questions.

We had two weeks of news to discuss so this is a tad longer than usual so sit back, relax and enjoy the latest edition of the Bulluminati Podcast!

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