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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Patio Livecast Edition Featuring USF Men’s Basketball Head Coach Brian Gregory

Brian Gregory, Pippa, and Lauren Pickel join us at the Patio for a livecast party!

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Anthony Vito / The Daily Stampede

Welcome to Thee Bulluminati Podcast recorded LIVE from The Patio in downtown Tampa where the whole gang is here to welcome special guests Brian Gregory, USF Corgi Race Champion Pippa, and #FOTY Lauren Pickel. Shoutout to Jeffrey Fishman (@USFIronBull) for setting this up and for everyone who came out to hang out with us.

  • 0:00: Intros! Hosts welcome CBI Champion Men’s Basketball Head Coach Brian Gregory to the pod. Coach Gregory talks about the road through the CBI and having the interesting opportunity to play a three game series for a championship.
  • 6:44: Was there a moment earlier in the season where you saw it was all coming together?
  • 13:14: What’s the status on Laquincy Rideau?
  • 15:44: How does the three-point line moving back affect the guys, and what can we expect from Oklahoma State transfer Zach Dawson?
  • 18:27: What’s the next step for the program?
  • 20:09: Coach talks about the summer Montreal trip and the non-conference Cayman Islands tournament in November.
  • 23:28: Coach talks about the players we haven’t seen yet and recruiting.
  • 26:28: Where do you see this program heading in two to three years? We break the news that this year is zero!
  • 29:30: Get your season tickets now for Tampa Bay’s home for hoops!


  • 29:30: But WAIT, there’s MORE! Collin and Nate wrap-up the Brian Gregory interview, talk about The Patio, livecast plans, South Tampa, Bulls Block Party in August, 813area Podcast Network’s Dishonorable Mention and Ralph the Lawyer shameless plugs and more! Senator Giggity, Robert Steeg, and CARL join the pod.
  • 38:58: Nate elaborates on the third assistant coach in college baseball and what happened.
  • 42:47: Men’s Golf in the NCAA Tournament, country club sports and softball heading to the Tallahassee Regional.
  • 47:19: Pippa on the pod! Pip Pod! Pupcast and #FOTY Lauren Pickel join the pod!
  • 48:31: Logo, what is dead may never die.
  • 51:02: Let’s talk scheduling.

Last night was fun, let’s do it again. Thanks again for all who joined us, and thanks to Jeffrey Fishman and the Patio for making it happen!

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