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TDS Film Room: Notre Dame Review

Seth boldly dives into the tape to analyze all three phases of the game.

NCAA Football: Citadel at South Florida Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

Hoo buddy, I know we said we would just burn the film from the Notre Dame on the podcast, but vaunted film reviewer, former coach, and all-around great guy Seth Varnadore said “not so fast my friend!” He did arguably a tougher job than the football video crew having to contact trace players from the game film by reviewing the tape and showing us select plays from the blowout loss in all three phases of the game.

As always, Seth brings a focused look at what the game plan likely was and what positives to take away from the tape. Robert Steeg also joins live to intro and ask questions as the film room progresses.

You can find the video in the embed player below; or on our Youtube channel. Please make sure to rate, subscribe, and comment!

This is the continuation of our TDS Film Room Series - 2020 Edition! With a brand new coaching staff, scheme, and culture Seth and the TDS staff will analyze select offensive, defensive, and special teams plays with each game - victory or defeat. We want the community to help drive the content, so if you have any questions for Seth or want him to analyze a certain series or explain certain concepts let us know in the comments or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. You can also view Seth’s Watching Film series - which previews the next game - on our Youtube channel.