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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Keelhauled Edition

Sorry Bucs, ECU took the pirate ship back to Greenville.

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NCAA Football: East Carolina at South Florida Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports

Just like Johnny Ford we’re tap dancing down the sideline to talk about what happened in the homecoming loss to ECU - the second loss to ECU in progrum history - and why that’s not the end of the world. Nathan, Seth, and Steeg come together to discuss what they saw on Saturday from their perspective and why this might be a long season (and again it’s OK.)

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  • 0:00: We open talking basketball news! It’s real close here folks.
  • 5:00: Let’s talk about that ECU game.
  • 44:12: NOTE: I stated incorrect stats for Cincinnati and ECU’s 3rd down conversion rate, but premise stands! It was actually worse!
  • 46:54: Temple has only played one game. What does USF need to do come away with a victory?
  • 1:03:58: Predictions!

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