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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Michael Kelly Athletics Update Edition

USF VP of Athletics Michael Kelly joins Nathan and Collin to update

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Jeff Scott and Michael Kelly
Jeff Scott and Michael Kelly pose for photos during Scott’s introductory press conference.
Anthony Vito / The Daily Stampede

USF Vice President of Athletics Michael Kelly joins Nathan Bond and Collin Sherwin remotely to discuss the latest updates on USF Athletics during the COVD-19 pandemic. The VP of Athletics provides what the department is doing to prepare for summer workouts safely, the fall semester, and the 2020-21 athletic season.

  • 0:00: Michael Kelly discusses how the pandemic is affecting USF Athletics and is playing at Corbett or somewhere else a possibility if games are played with no fans?
  • 8:50: Is six weeks of training camp feasible? How is the Conference, University, and Department planning for face-to-face procedures?
  • 12:50: How is the Conference and department positioning themselves for student-athlete NIL rights?
  • 16:29: Nate and Collin recap the conversation and share their thoughts.
  • 29:29: What the guys know about how this affects the IPF fundraising and construction plan.
  • 35:47: The guys discuss the process of student-athletes returning and how they safely train together.
  • 47:47: Power Five Conferences ask Congress for assistance on student-athlete NIL. Are we looking at the P5/G5 split? Would any G5 conferences make the cut? What does college football, conference realignment, and scheduling look like after the pandemic?

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