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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Covid-19 and NCAA Inquiry Edition

Nate and Collin discuss the NCAA being on campus, plus more.

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Connecticut v South Florida Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Nathan Bond and Collin Sherwin jump in the Zoom machine to discuss some major topics from the last couple of weeks.

  • 0:00: USF started their first phase of summer workouts with zero covid-19 cases; now there are two. Programs around the nation are having more positive cases; how does this bode for a football season happening?
  • 6:01: We talk about the NCAA investigation into former Head Coach Charlie Strong, his staff, and the program.
  • 19:04: The do’s and don’t do’s during an NCAA Investigation. Collin breaks down his experience while working with athletics.
  • 32:00: We wrap-up with USF Baseball draft news.

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