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Former USF Football Strength & Conditioning Coach Irele Oderinde Back With Bulls as Women’s Basketball Strength Coach

Coach O is back in Tampa

Former South Florida Bulls football strength and conditioning coach Irele Oderinde is the new USF women’s basketball strength and conditioning coach, The Daily Stampede has learned.

Oderinde comes back to the Bulls after two years at FSU, and a year at Oregon under Willie Taggart. Oderinde most notably was suspended for a month in January 2017 while at Oregon after three players contracted rhabdomyolysis during off-season conditioning. “Rhabdo” occurs from overexertion which leads to a break down of muscle tissue that leaks into the bloodstream. The condition can also cause kidney damage.

Two of the Oregon players have sued Oderinde, Taggart, the University of Oregon, and the NCAA. The suit is still pending.

When reached for comment, women’s basketball head coach Jose Fernandez told TDS he is very confident in Oderinde’s ability to help shape his basketball team. Fernandez went on to say Oderinde is a good man, and has his full support. He considers the Bulls lucky to have Oderinde on staff with his wealth of knowledge.

Oderinde previously worked with the women’s basketball teams at Western Kentucky, and South Carolina before turning his attention to football full-time. Oderinde’s wife, Amber, never left Tampa, and is currently an adjunct professor at USF-Tampa.

USF has not officially announced the hire.