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Homefield Apparel Just Launched their USF Line, and it’s Everything We’ve Dreamed and Hoped it Would Be


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The Daily Stampede is happy to announce that The Good Brand, aka Homefield Apparel has just released their very own USF line on their site. Homefield partnered with USF Athletics, and USF to bring six amazing designs to the fans who have been clamoring for the Indiana based company to partner with our beloved school.

For those living under a rock, Homefield is a premium collegiate apparel brand out of Indianapolis—run by Indiana grads—who offer incredibly comfortable, officially-licensed apparel with vintage college designs. They’ve dug through the archives and history of USF to find unique logos, mascots, and moments to make thoughtful designs for the USF fans.

TDS writer Robert Steeg, along with Friend of the Blog Senator Giggity have for over two years bombarded Homefield, as well as USF, to get the partnership going. We want to give a huge shout out to VP of Athletics Michael Kelly for recognizing the desire from the fan base for this partnership, and doing everything in his power to make it happen. [Ed. note: I tried searching for Steeg’s first tweet toward Homefield, but he’s had so many over the last two years I gave up searching after scrolling for two minutes and only getting to February of 2021.]

We’ve had such a good experience partnering with Homefield, and helping out along the way that we don’t even mind (kinda) that they stole Tom Allen from us. And Michael Penix Jr. Homefield’s products are printed on high-quality garments with extreme comfort in mind. Samantha has already pre-stolen my shirts. These are by far the softest, and most comfortable shirts I’ve ever worn.

For our readers, first-time customers can use DAILYSTAMPEDE for 15% off their order. SITE WIDE! Homefield has 117 different schools that you can browse and purchase shirts, hoodies, tanks, and much more.

USF has already won their bye week!