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PYU Week 2 Results: Car 34, Where Are You?

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(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered. Especially not on the over 34 in the Purdue-Connecticut game.)

Welcome to the end of Week 2! It hasn’t been a fun season so far for USF fans, so let’s try to talk about it as little as possible.

Let’s get right on to the week’s results. First, we have to talk about that dodgy “over 34” line. PYU lines are based on real-life sports book lines, and one real casino did list 34 as the over. You can see it at Thirty-four was also the number of points UConn was getting at home to Purdue. (Hey, getting 29 at home to Florida isn’t that bad! Stay posit — oops, sorry.) It’s apparent that someone mis-entered the point spread value as the total bet value, and it my algorithm picked it up. But two different sports books had the same mistake, and it wasn’t corrected for almost a full day, so it technically meets the requirements of rule 14.5.1. Bets on Purdue-UConn over 34 were allowed to stand.

And a few of you jumped on that with both feet: E-Dogg42, McIntyre2K7, and speruche all used it to win parlays. But the big winner was bullsonparade96, who hit two parlays on South Carolina +2 and the UTEP-Boise State result, for 795 units. He was once again the big winner of the week.

Player Grand_Total Week_2
bullsonparade96 1810.00 690.00
McIntyre2K7 1271.50 501.50
E-dogg42 1169.39 183.59
Lrdnorman 1147.50 240.23
camweed12 1124.55 131.82
mmmmsnouts 1114.55 0.00
ElliotMoore 1109.70 45.52
GaryStephen 1054.36 -50.00
speruche 1040.00 290.00
Danj725 1002.35 -118.11
jjlovecub 994.00 60.00
undercoverbull 988.18 -125.00
Gibbsak 984.55 114.55
HerdCountry941 959.17 -130.18
Andrewpina 958.18 0.00
Julmisteforheisman 939.51 -10.00
mcgies852 938.50 213.86
Gym399 938.18 0.00
jrjs 937.82 -77.27
TestUser5 929.00 0.00
dsidwell31 912.73 0.00
anthonyvito 859.09 -11.36
briank19 770.20 -170.71
ULhothot 684.18 -102.18
Defdans 556.72 -144.55

Keep in mind that the Grand Total includes money that has been wagered on Futures but not resolved yet. If you want to see grand totals that account for only wins and losses, the Standings Page will have this. If we ignore money wagered on futures, bullsonparade96 is already over 2,000 units, McIntyre2K7 and E-Dogg42 are over 1,350, and mmmmsnouts, ElliotMoore, undercoverbull and Andrewpina are all over 1,200. So this has been a winning season so far.

We had another week with more than 8 players in the black, so more than 8 players received a point. The points standings are:

bullsonparade96 30 15 15
McIntyre2K7 10 10
undercoverbull 10 10
mmmmsnouts 7 7
speruche 7 7
e-dogg42 6 3 3
ElliotMoore 6 5 1
LrdNorman 5 5
Andrewpina 4 4
mcgies852 4 4
camweed12 2 2
danj725 2 2
GaryStephen 1 1
Gibbsak 1 1
HerdCountry941 1 1
jjlovecub 1 1
jrjs 1 1
Ulhothot 1 1

Bullsonparade96 got a first-place win in both weeks, and is one of only three players who scored in both weeks. E-dogg42 and ElliotMoore are the others. But players as a whole have been really successful this season; both weeks have resulted in more than 8 winners, and more than the maximum number of points being awarded.

Other notes:

USF got a backdoor cover against Florida, and the game barely hit the over. A total of 19 bets were made, which went 9-10. But the game was a net winner in non-parlay bets, for 141.36. The biggest winning games were Iowa-Iowa State (152.93, 7 bets), South Carolina-East Carolina (144.50, 7 bets) and Pittsburgh-Tennessee (121.37, 4 bets). Oregon-Ohio State (-170.00, 3 bets) was the game we got most wrong.

Mellow Yellow won the Marble League. E-Dogg42 was the only player to make a wager on them. The only team to have more than one person bet on them were the Savage Speeders. Nobody bet on the Raspberry Racers, even though they were the favorite. Or the Thunderbolts or Chocolatiers.

In the San Diego State-Arizona and South Carolina-East Carolina games, both teams were getting points. This can happen sometimes, when the teams are close and there is a range of opinions on their quality. I had South Carolina at +1 and East Carolina at +2.5 in the same game, which was one point from hitting the split. The other game turned out not to be close.

A lot of games didn’t have lines this week, because FCS vs FBS games typically don’t get lines until Friday night/Saturday morning, and various challenges kept me from updating them this week. I try to have lines for all games, but sometimes I am unable to do so. Which was too bad this week, because Jacksonville State would have been one hell of a pick. Or Duquesne, which is from the 40-scholarship Northeast Conference and beat Ohio University.

Week 3 offers 20 more FCS vs FBS games, including Florida A&M at USF. In more equitable matchups, Tulane-Mississippi is intriguing, after Tulane nearly knocked off Oklahoma in Week 1. Alabama-Florida is the big national game of the week, but Auburn-Penn State is also out there. Other AAC games include Tulsa-Ohio State, SMU-Louisiana Tech, Mississippi State at Memphis, East Carolina-Marshall, and Boston College-Temple.

Yes, games involving the three teams that left the AAC this week still count as AAC games to fulfill the “1 AAC bet” rule. But that doesn’t mean I have to mention them. Good luck to everyone this week!