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#BeatRutgers Tuesday

Everyone hates Rutgers right? If you're reading this blog, you most likely dislike anyone from Piscataway by proxy. We tried this earlier this year before the Florida game, but Brighthouse was screwing with my internet connection that day and Toro was lost in Bat Country so it never had a chance.

So lets try this again. On Tuesday, lay into Rutgers. I want to hear Schiano gap-tooth jokes. I want people to rip on Lil Jovi. You want to make fun of New Jersey? Go for it! If you need some examples, check out the great Hoya Suxa for a tutorial.

We are going to be checking out the #BeatRutgers hashtag all day Tuesday, and will pick the 10 best we can find. After that, we will let everyone vote on it, and the winner gets a V5 T-Shirt.

Sounds good? See you Tuesday.