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Thanks, y’all

It’s time for some fresh blood around these parts.

So Why Do We Call The Knights “C.Florida”?

A cautionary tale of what happens when you care a little too much about your #brand.

The Daily Foodpede: Stories of Bye Week Hunger

USF has another Saturday off, and we’re all sitting at home watching football and trying to eat. These are our stories.

Area Judge Blames Charlie Strong For What Is Clearly Not His Fault

Judge Margaret Taylor, USF Class of ‘89, showed a stunning lack of awareness today regarding the school that issued her degree and the man who coaches its football team.

Reminder - Join The Daily Stampede 2017 NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge

The teams are set, so sign up to show us who is the smartest basketball mind at TDS (because it definitely will not be me).

2017 NCAA Tournament Printable Bracket

Shocker: USF’s not in the field of 68.

Join The Daily Stampede 2017 NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge

Win bragging rights and our virtual adulation in our bracket, powered by Yahoo! Sports.

It’s Yet Another Anniversary Ask Us Anything

We have now spent seven years of our lives blogging about USF. Ask us why!

Here's Why It's Called "The Daily Stampede"

We decided on a new name for the blog, and here's why.

Yeah, we missed this place

We're home.

It's Our 4th Anniversary: Ask Us Anything!

Last year we held an AMA on the blog's anniversary, and it went so well we're doing it again this year. We are the only USF bloggers on the Internet - ask us anything.

The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Skip Holtz

You thought Skip Holtz was a disaster as USF's coach? How do you think Louisiana Tech fans feel having gone from Sonny Dykes and Tony Franklin to this? See how he hit a brand-new low last night.

I'm Asking Out Of The Game

It's time for me to go, but you're all going to be in good hands.

Voodoo Five Tournament Pick 'Em Challenge

Which one of our readers (or writers) knows the most about college basketball? Prove it with our annual Tournament Pick 'Em Contest.

The Voodoo Five "Ask Me Anything"

We are pretty much the only USF fan bloggers on the Internet. Ask us anything.

How To Hire a D-I Football or Basketball Coach

Hiring a football or basketball coach is easy... if you follow a few simple rules.

USF Fans, It Could Be Worse... Trust Me

It's almost the halfway point of the football season. For some, this season has been filled with triumphs & victories. Then there's the rest of us. Those who wish this season would just be over already.

USF Men's Basketball Preview Part I

We're coming off the greatest basketball season in USF history. The first two NCAA Tournament wins in program history, lots of returning starters, and your best player is a sophomore point guard that seems like he gets better every game. This should be the Golden Era of USF Basketball, right?

USF's "Sell Out" vs. FSU. Why All The Empty Seats?

There were an awful lot of empty seats at the FSU game. Was it really a sellout?

Jenn Sterger on FSU, USF, and tomorrow's game

The former USF and FSU student talks about football, the game this weekend between her alma maters, and how the internet changed her life forever.

To Storm Or Not To Storm? A Handy Reference Guide

It's every college fan's dream to have the opportunity to storm the field or court after a huge win for their school. But when exactly is the right time to rush the field?

Today's College Football TV Schedule, Or Better Games Than USF-Rutgers

Find a better game than the one you watched on Thursday. Plenty to choose from!

Today's College Football TV Schedule (Or, What To Watch Other Than USF)

Need to map out your college football watching on Saturday? We have you covered.

A Sneak Peek At The Future Of Voodoo Five And SB Nation

The first stage of the evolution of our site is the new logo. You like?

Hello... Voodoo Five? Is This Thing On?

Our newest writer says hello and shares her USF story.

The Stuben Travel Agency: Ball State and Temple

There Is Something Called "The Big East March"

Doug Gottlieb Thinks He Can Coach

Traffic Advisory For USF-West Virginia Game

If you're headed to the arena this morning, check this out to help make sure you don't get caught in traffic.

Forget 7-5: These Rules Would Make Bowl Season Better, And Way More Fun

The Ultimate Sports Social Media Job Contest

The Former Bull In The NFL Playoffs Everyone Always Forgets

Jason Pierre-Paul and Jacquian Williams are still alive in the NFL playoffs, but there's one other former Bull out there, too.


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