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Yeah, we missed this place

We're home.

So anyway, as we were saying....

Jamie will cover the new name in the next post, but yes we're back and we will still be us.

Leaving in the first place was all my fault, but we learned a lot. And one of the things I learned is that the USF market just isn't developed enough yet to have full-time coverage like we provide; i.e. without calling 15-year old kids and asking them where they want to go to college. We're not knocking those that do this and those that read it, but it's just not our bag, man. We'll flesh out what we've learned about recruiting in another post soon.

We thought long and hard about whether we wanted to keep doing this. It's a brutal time suck on all of our lives, and Jamie just had a baby two days ago. Factor in opportunity costs, we're losing many many many thousands of dollars a year on it.

But we've been through the hell, and we really think the brightest days are ahead. There's an insane amount of talent on this football team for a non-P5 school, we're all in on the coaching hires of Orlando Antigua and Mark Kingston... and we honestly believe USF is about to get it right. We want to share that with the community of green and gold lunatics we've built up over all these years. Because you guys are just the freaking best.

Oh, and our beloved city of Tampa is hosting the damn national championship game this year. I think that's cause for a celebration or two.

Some things you need to know:

1. We can't do this alone. We just don't have enough man-hours in our day. We're going to need writers to cover specific sports on campus, and those people are going to need to go to games and press conferences for and with us. We're looking for graduates too, but are tailoring these new positions towards junior-and-below USF students that want to learn how to write in this format and enjoy free press box food. If that's you, reach out IMMEDIATELY.

Football dwarfs everything else we do in terms of reach, but we are absolutely committed to covering other USF sports just as closely. The kids that wear your school on their jersey work just as hard whether it's waking up at 5am for track practice or hitting 1000 golf balls a day on the range. This is in our DNA, and we're not going to change it.

2. We've built a nice community at this point, and we're going to take advantage of it. We're planning some kickoff events around football season in the fall, and will do some travel things for road games.

3. We're doing our annual volleyball fundraiser starting on Monday. We're a few weeks behind this year, but the program needs the cash. If you're happy we're back, make a donation.

4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell everyone you know we're back. Facebook, Twitter, banging pots and pans on MLK Plaza, whatever. Even at our absolute zenith, we were still one of SBNation's smaller traffic sites because quite frankly the USF market isn't nearly as big as some older and more traditional schools. That's not because our content sucked, it's just that we're competing against the biggest and best schools in America.

We need every green and gold person we can find to read us on the regular. It makes it that much more fun for all of us, and gives us the reach we need to give us a voice.

We're really, really glad to be home. We shouldn't have left in the first place.