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2017 NCAA Tournament Printable Bracket

Shocker: USF’s not in the field of 68.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - First Round - Green Bay v Texas A&M Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

A stunner tonight, as USF did not make the NCAA Tournament. I don’t know exactly what the committee’s reasoning was. Maybe it was the 7-23 record, or the one (1) conference win, or the 1-9 record in their last 10 games, or the lack of quality wins, or the numerous bad losses (they lost to Tulane! Twice!), or the #290 KenPom rating, or the #316 RPI rating, or not having a permanent head coach, or players already lining up to transfer en masse, or maybe the Bulls just plain got screwed. We’ll never know for sure.

Anyway, while we wait to see if USF gets their name called for another postseason tournament, here is a printable bracket so you can start plotting out your picks.

Tune in tomorrow for the real excitement on Selection Monday, when we find out where the women’s basketball team will be sent for the NCAA Tournament. Every projection has USF on the 8/9 line somewhere. The ESPN projection and College Sports Madness projections send USF to South Bend to join Notre Dame’s subregional. This one from a site called would force me to travel to Waco to cover them in Baylor’s subregional, which would not please me at all. They could also end up in Columbia, South Carolina, in the Gamecocks’ subregional. We’ll tell you as soon as we find out.