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Reminder - Join The Daily Stampede 2017 NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge

The teams are set, so sign up to show us who is the smartest basketball mind at TDS (because it definitely will not be me).

NCAA Basketball: Final Four Championship Game-Villanova vs North Carolina Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t forget to sign up for our NCAA Tournament bracket challenge, powered by Yahoo! Sports. The field of 68 teams is loaded and ready for your picks. Time to fill out your bracket and show us how much you know about college basketball, assuming USF did not rot your basketball brain to its very core like it did to several of us this year.

Click here to register in our group and fill out your bracket.

We can’t make you rich and famous if you win our group, but we’ll try and make you a little bit Internet famous by shouting you out on our Twitter and Facebook accounts. Plus we’ll write a post and let you say whatever you want. Congratulate yourself, thank your family, taunt all the bozos you beat... the floor will be yours.

Again, I can pretty much guarantee you will beat my pool. I was watching the Brier during the bracket reveal, and I think I watched about one minute of college basketball this past week. That was only because they play it in the lobby of the office building where I work, and I saw a little bit as I walked by. Good luck, although you will not need it to beat me. Fill out a pool just so you can say you know more about college basketball than at least one other person.