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PYU Week 8 Results: Success Is Built On Failure

NCAA Football: Illinois at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

In a week where USF finally ended its long losing streak to FCS teams, the defining moments were the first two in this video. And we all know what they are.

A botched field goal snap was about to be returned for a defensive touchdown, and USF was about to be behind early again. But special teamer Chris Carter made an exceptional effort to run the ball carrier down at the 5 yard line. This should have been a disaster for USF, but it turned into a positive when Mekhi Lapointe got an interception, negating the bad snap and giving USF some momentum.

Some other struggling teams didn’t manage their fate so well. You thought last week’s Wisconsin-Platteville ending was painful?

Colorado State turned a failure into a success into a failure. Their field goal team rushed out instead of letting their QB spike the ball after a first down was obtained. They had plenty of time. But they did a great job not panicking, and getting the right personnel on. A false start or illegal procedure would have ended the game, but they avoided this. Unfortunately, the kicker just missed kick.

And we haven’t even talked about Illinois-Penn State yet. Here’s the entire overtime session:

Both Illinois and Penn State both had so many chances to win, or lose this game. They were constantly done in by drops, overthrows, bad execution, and occasionally great defensive plays. This was one of the most infuriating endings I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine rooting for one of these teams in that game.

Unsurprisingly, USF’s resounding win had an impact on this week’s PYU race. Let’s see which other games did:

bullsonparade96 Oregon +2.5 points over UCLA; San Diego State +4.0 points over Air Force; South Florida -2.5 points over Temple (WIN,WIN,WIN) Oregon 34-31; San Diego State 20-14; South Florida 34-14 150.00 WIN 900.00
bullsonparade96 South Florida -2.5 points over Temple; San Diego State +4.0 points over Air Force (WIN,WIN) South Florida 34-14; San Diego State 20-14 250.00 WIN 650.00
dsidwell31 South Florida -2.5 points over Temple; Alabama -24.5 points over Tennessee; Ohio State -20.5 points over Indiana (WIN,WIN,WIN) South Florida 34-14; Alabama 52-24; Ohio State 54-7 50.00 WIN 300.00
bullsonparade96 South Florida -3.5 points over Temple; Under 57.5 points in the Temple-South Florida game (WIN,WIN) South Florida 34-14; South Florida 34-14 100.00 WIN 260.00
ElliotMoore Kent State -5.0 points over Ohio; Northern Illinois +5.0 points over Central Michigan (WIN,WIN) Kent State 34-27; Northern Illinois 39-38 100.00 WIN 260.00
E-dogg42 Under 76.5 points in the Louisiana State-Mississippi game; Under 77.0 points in the Western Kentucky-Florida International game; Under 58.5 points in the Southern California-Notre Dame game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Mississippi 31-17; Western Kentucky 34-19; Notre Dame 31-16 40.00 WIN 240.00
HerdCountry941 New Mexico State +18.0 points over Hawaii; Over 62.0 points in the New Mexico State-Hawaii game (WIN,WIN) Hawaii 48-34; Hawaii 48-34 75.00 WIN 195.00
E-dogg42 Over 51.5 points in the North Carolina State-Miami (FL) game; Over 45.0 points in the South Carolina-Texas A&M game; Under 57.0 points in the West Virginia-Texas Christian game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Miami (FL) 31-30; Texas A&M 44-14; West Virginia 29-17 30.00 WIN 180.00
ULhothot Over 60.5 points in the Massachusetts-Florida State game; Toledo +2.0 points over Western Michigan; Under 54.5 points in the Western Michigan-Toledo game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Florida State 59-3; Toledo 34-15; Toledo 34-15 30.00 WIN 180.00
dsidwell31 Over 40.0 points in the Wisconsin-Purdue game; Under 76.5 points in the Louisiana State-Mississippi game; Under 77.0 points in the Western Kentucky-Florida International game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Wisconsin 30-13; Mississippi 31-17; Western Kentucky 34-19 25.00 WIN 150.00
mcgies852 South Florida -130.0 money line to beat Temple South Florida 34-14 180.00 WIN 138.46
danj725 Alabama -27.0 points over Tennessee; Notre Dame -6.5 points over Southern California (WIN,WIN) Alabama 52-24; Notre Dame 31-16 50.00 WIN 130.00
ULhothot Mississippi -10.5 points over Louisiana State; Texas-San Antonio -6.0 points over Louisiana Tech; Over 58.0 points in the Texas-San Antonio-Louisiana Tech game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Mississippi 31-17; Texas-San Antonio 45-16; Texas-San Antonio 45-16 20.00 WIN 120.00
ULhothot Florida International +17.0 points over Western Kentucky; Under 75.5 points in the Western Kentucky-Florida International game; Under 41.5 points in the San Diego State-Air Force game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Western Kentucky 34-19; Western Kentucky 34-19; San Diego State 20-14 20.00 WIN 120.00
Briank19 Southern Methodist -13.5 points over Tulane; San Jose State -3.5 points over Nevada-Las Vegas (WIN,WIN) Southern Methodist 55-26; San Jose State 27-20 40.00 WIN 104.00
camweed12 South Florida -2.5 points over Temple South Florida 34-14 100.00 WIN 90.91
ULhothot Wisconsin -2.5 points over Purdue; Notre Dame -6.5 points over Southern California; Under 58.5 points in the Southern California-Notre Dame game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Wisconsin 30-13; Notre Dame 31-16; Notre Dame 31-16 10.00 WIN 60.00
mcgies852 Oregon +110.0 money line to beat UCLA Oregon 34-31 50.00 WIN 55.00

That’s a lot of 50-unit or more wins. But here are the eight players who ended this week with a profit:

Bullsonparade96 1476.09 (15 pts)
E-dogg42 377.35 (10)
dsidwell31 290.00 (7)
ULhothot 227.45 (5)
HerdCountry941 158.45 (4)
ElliotMoore 137.73 (3)
mcgies852 93.46 (2)
briank19 76.27 (1)

By late Saturday afternoon, only Briank19 and esmoore were on the positive side, and had used a lot of MAC and Mountain West games to get there. Of course, USF winning and easily covering against Temple made a lot of late winners, but once again there were a lot of Pac-12 parlays. bullsonparade96 continues to mix huge wins and huge losses to stay in the money lead:

User Total Pending Futures Grand Total Excluding Futures
bullsonparade96 6011.74 250 6261.74
speruche 2081.19 0 2081.19
ElliotMoore 1639.11 150 1789.11
ULhothot 1557.63 250 1807.63
Danj725 1505.39 0 1505.39
E-dogg42 1475.95 185 1660.95
mcgies852 1415.03 150 1565.03
mmmmsnouts 1114.55 150 1264.55
Lrdnorman 1110.29 0 1110.29
Gibbsak 1017.73 0 1017.73
briank19 1007.39 0 1007.39
HerdCountry941 999.76 0 999.76
GaryStephen 982.71 0 982.71
Andrewpina 958.18 250 1208.18
Gym399 930.65 0 930.65
dsidwell31 924.17 0 924.17
jrjs 767.82 0 767.82
jjlovecub 749.00 0 749.00
anthonyvito 717.38 100 817.38
Julmisteforheisman 651.06 0 651.06
camweed12 334.09 0 334.09
McIntyre2K7 220.25 110 330.25
Defdans 0.00 220 220.00
undercoverbull 0.00 250 250.00

And the points lead. bullsonparade96 has won the most units 4 out of 8 weeks, and finished with a loss in the other 4:

bullsonparade96 60
speruche 42
e-dogg42 34
ElliotMoore 31
Ulhothot 27
dsidwell31 22
danj725 19
LrdNorman 18
mcgies852 16
HerdCountry941 14
McIntyre2K7 13
anthonyvito 12
briank19 12
undercoverbull 10
jrjs 8
Gibbsak 8
mmmmsnouts 7
GaryStephen 6
Gym399 4
Andrewpina 4
camweed12 2
Julmisteforheisman 2
jjlovecub 1

Both Defdans and undercoverbull are now out of units, and need to make the Last Chance Bet to continute playing. It is also possible (and actually likely) they will win some units from their preseason futures bets, which they could then use in Bowl Week if they want to. Defdans was supposed to do this last week when he was done to 0.81 units, but made a parlay bet instead. I’ll call it a 19-cent loan and let him make the Last Chance Bet this week if he wants to.

This week’s national attention is on the Big Ten Leaders/Legends/East/whatever it’s called now. Michigan-Michigan State is a battle of national unbeatens, while Ohio State is still unbeaten in Big Ten player, and plays Penn State. The latter game lost some luster when Penn State took its second conference, but they are still a good team that the other contenders must navigate.

The AAC has its own battle of unbeatens, and it doesn’t even involve Cincinnati. SMU is 7-0, 3-0 in conference, and plays on the road at Houston, who is 4-0 in the AAC and has only one non-conference loss to... Texas Tech. Well, that’s disappointing. Cincinnati is 3-0 in league play and travels to Tulane. USF-East Carolina is Thursday night; Navy-Tulsa is Friday night. Central Florida at Temple is the other league game. Memphis is off.