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Hello... Voodoo Five? Is This Thing On?

Let's. Go. Bulls.
Let's. Go. Bulls.

Hello USF Fans! My name is Corinna Evans and I’m the newest writer for Voodoo Five. So who is this girl and why does she think she’s qualified to cover my beloved Bulls? Well let’s take a short trip down memory lane…

My love for the Bulls started way back in 2005, when I was accepted by the University of South Florida during my senior year of high school. After hearing a presentation in high school about Sports Management degrees offered at various colleges I decided I wanted to pursue sports in my future career. I mean, what could be better than making money and living out my passion for sports?

After I graduated from Palm Bay High School, I started to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Eager to get involved on USF’s campus I came across a sports marketing internship. I was only a freshman with no experience, but the interviewer loved my charisma and the Bulls hired me as their newest Sports Marketing Assistant.

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For the next four years I learned the ins and outs of sports marketing and gameday execution for all college sports. My internship covered everything from PA announcing at soccer games, to on-field promotions during the football season, all the way down to organizing the storage closet in the Sun Dome. Let me tell you, I was a real rock star.

My passion for the Bulls continued to grow over those few years. How could it not? I debatably attended the university during the most exciting chapter of USF football! It was their first few seasons in the Big East, the first time they were nationally ranked, when they beat WVU & climbed to be #2 in the nation... the list goes on and on.

I'm still writing about my beloved Jaguars over at this slice of internets as well, therefore I’m beyond ready for the 2012 season. Last year was rough and USF is ready to bounce back. But more on that later.

Follow me on Twitter: @Corinna_Evans. And this place will look much better with some female redecorating, dont'cha think?