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Top Ten #BeatRutgers Tweets

Great job yesterday with the #BeatRutgers posts guys, so much better than a couple months ago for Florida. Here are the Top 10 that I saw yesterday. If there are others that I missed, please let me know, and I might add them in as well.

  1. "Jager Bombs & Orange Skin: The Rutgers University Student Handbook" #BeatRutgers
  2. All of Springsteen's best songs are about leaving Jersey ASAP. Born To Run, Rosalita, Thunder Road... See a pattern here? #BeatRutgers
  3. The official currency in New Jersey is hairspray and ammunition. #BeatRutgers
  4. Schiano and his team, seen here during the ceremonial delousing before every home game #BeatRutgers
  5. The most popular major at Rutgers is racketeering #BeatRutgers
  6. The gap between Shiano's teeth is so big, he flosses with a boat anchor chain. #beatrutgers
  7. When the Jersey Shore, Bon Jovi & the Mafia are your popular stereotypes, your state sucks. #beatrutgers
  8. In New Jersey, you know you live in a great area if you've only been robbed twice. #BeatRutgers
  9. Because Lil Jovi is destined to end up in rehab, fist pumping every time his nurse brings his methadone #BeatRutgers
  10. Boeing just hired Shiano's mouth as a wind tunnel. #shianosGap #BeatRutgers

Alright guys, leave a comment with your favorite #BeatRutgers tweet, and the winner gets a brand new V5 shirt.