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Christmas Discount to Replay Photos for V5 Readers

If you're like me, you haven't done your Christmas shopping yet. I didn't know what I wanted for Christmas until this morning, when Replay Photos sent us an email for a great deal at their website.

*Warning Advertisement Ahead*

Too often a trip to a sporting event ends the same way for all of us: Forgotten cameras. Dead batteries. Full memory cards. Grainy, out-of- focus cell phone pictures and crumpled ticket stubs are all we’re left with to serve as memories of a day spent rooting for our favorite team. It’s those picture we’re left showing to our friends, and in that case, no one wins (a camera and a tumblr account doesn’t make you a professional photographer, after all). Fortunately, we have Replay Photos.
Replay Photos is a service that specializes in helping preserve memories, with literally thousands of images for all sports fans, representing over 140 Colleges and all 32 NFL teams.
Looking for the perfect stadium shot? They have hundreds. Want an image representing an iconic sports moment? Chances are they have it.
And as SB Nation’s Team Pick, Replay Photos is offering $69.95 worth of amazing photos for just $29.95. With prices starting at just $15.95, you can choose from Replay Photos’ unframed prints, custom framed photos and even photos on canvas. It’s just in time for the holiday season, especially if you’re furiously shopping for that perfect gift for the sports fanatic on your list.
In addition to stadium shots, player photos and iconic images, Replay Photos offers their "Personalizers," a chance for you to put your name and number on the back of a Steelers or Cowboys jersey, or see the band spell your name on the field at USF's Raymond James Stadium. With Replay Photos, It's that easy to be part of the team.

Yep that's 70 dollars worth of pictures for only 30 dollars. There area a couple of photos that I really like in the USF section. First is this wonderful shot from the FSU game last season.


Everyone likes a little decapitation to start you off on your day. The other is from their personalized pictures, and I had to do this.


They even have pictures from Men's and Women's Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Women's Soccer, and Volleyball. I now know what to get Toro this year. Seriously, this is a great deal and I hope you guys take advantage for the Bulls fan in your life.