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Where Will Dominique Jones Go?

With the Big 12's implosion, I totally forgot about Dominique Jones and where he might possibly go in the draft. So without further ado, its time for this week's edition of Where Will DoJo Go?


This week had Dominique heading to New Jersey, Golden State, Miami, and Sacramento. (He is racking up the SkyMiles over the past month)

- Nothing much out of the Kings workout. The Sacremento Bee did a feature on Jordan Crawford, and at the end stated that Jones worked out as well. The Kings however did put up a short video of the workout. Jones is wearing the blue and white shoes if you forgot what he looks like

- A couple of quotes from Jones when he was in Miami, where worked out on the 3rd. When asked on how he did, Jones replied,

"I did well. I shot the ball a lot better than a lot of people expected me to. Shooting is something that comes with work. I can come in here and put a couple of thousand shots up. Everything will come together when you put hard work in it."

When asked on how he stacks up compared to other combo guards like Evan Turner of Ohio State and Crawford, Jones had this to say,

"When it comes to combo guards, I feel like I’m the best guard in the draft. Everybody looks at the can’ts. But look at what I can do. I play the one and the two and I’m tough defensively."

- New Jersey also has some pretty good stuff, with some decent quotes and a video of his interview with the media. First off let's hear what Nets Assistant Tom Barrise has to say about DoJo,

"Jones is a tough nut. He’s a competitive guy and he’s got a scorer’s mentality. He had a very good year in South Florida, playing on a marginal team in a big-time league. But his feistiness and competitiveness (rank as) one of his NBA skills."

Asked about his competitiveness, Jones said,

"On the court, I just come out here and go hard. This is my job, my career, my life, my livelihood. I wake up in the morning just to do this. I got here last night at the hotel one o’clock in the morning. I was hoping it was morning so I could come out here and play. It’s just something I like to do. I just thank God and I thank the Nets for having me here. I feel like I’m blessed to be in this situation."

You can read some other stuff on Jones at the Nets' official site, or you can watch the whole interview below

Not much in the new mock department, but let's kick it off with Draft Express, who keeps Jones in the first round with New Jersey grabbing Dominique at 27.

The Hoops Report has Jones just missing the first round, where he is off to Sacramento with the 33rd pick.

That's it for the week. If you see something Jones related, send us an email or post it as a FanShot.