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This Wasn't The First Time Myrtice Landers Screwed Up

I needed Myrtice Landers' assistance as an academic advisor when I was a political science undergrad, and she was still working in Undergraduate Studies.  She failed me so miserably that I actually got a rather long apology from her boss with the assurance that "she won't be here much longer."  That was in 2003.  It is a damn miracle she made it this far. 

I'm currently in search of an email chain that would explain everything, but I remember I wrote it from my account that no longer exists, so I don't know if I can find it.  This was seven years ago, so my recollection is a bit hazy about the specific details, but there is one that I'll never forget.

I had an issue with a class I had taken previously (I don't remember if I was trying to drop it or grade replace it or what honestly... my academic record was more of a jumbled mess than Bluto Blutarsky's), and I had been in contact with Ms. Landers repeatedly about my case. There was some piece of paper I needed to turn in to her specifically to continue along the vast bureaucracy to which everyone that's attended a large public university can relate. Ms. Landers sat alone in her office, which I could see from the hallway outside as her door was wide open. She wasn't on the phone, and didn't appear to be in the middle of anything. I rapped on the door, reintroduced myself, and hoped to simply turn in the piece of paper to her. The reaction I got was somewhere between comical and horrifying. "Do you have an appointment?" "Um, no ma'am, I just need to..." "Make an appointment." "But I just need to..." (screaming at the top of her lungs) "I don't care!! Make an appointment!!"

It was unquestionably the worst I was ever treated by any staff person at USF at any point in my years there. And this was after Ms. Landers had screwed up my case multiple times previously. I eventually wrote an email to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies (her boss at the time), and a very nice woman went through my case and solved everything in about five minutes.

There are other things I want to say, but I don't want to besmirch someone without tangible proof, and I won't engage in random speculation or conjecture that I can't corroborate with evidence. But I feel safe in saying I wasn't the only one that got treated this way, or had to deal with some pretty blatant incompetence. The fact that her attorney is Wil Florin (a.k.a. Jonathan Alpert 2.0 for those with long USF memories) just adds fuel to this fire.

The academic support staff at USF does incredible work. If Ms. Landers didn't meet their high standards (and in my case, which was previous to her employment with Athletics, I can assure you she didn't), then I think it's safe to assume the department made a decision based on her performance, and not her skin color.

But we don't want to be anything but fair here. If you've got a story about Ms. Landers going above and beyond the call of duty, or failing you like she did me, leave it in the comments.  The only caveat on this one is if you mention any negative interaction you had with her personally, please include your name.