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Pirate Faithful Making Kevin Gidrey Walk the Plank

Now that he's followed Skip Holtz from East Carolina to USF, FB/TE Kevin Gidrey is taking some grief from Pirates fans back in Greenville. Some of whom are giving up on him on Twitter:

I think I lost some pirate followers...aww mannn

And also:

TEXT FROM MY TEAMMATES- "Our fans say your twitter picture is a good example of a trader" wowww where is the love?? lol

So never mind that Gidrey's position doesn't exist anymore in Ruffin McNeill's Air Raid offense. He should have just stayed there and watched the whole season from the bench to make ECU fans happy. YOU WANT PLAYING TIME? TREASON!!!!

We know Pirates fans hate USF for more reasons than we have room or time to list. (And this probably didn't help.) But come on, people. Gidrey was basically getting laid off from your team, and he found another place to play. And he's the only player who followed Holtz down to Tampa, because Holtz is not the kind of person who would try to decimate his former team. Imagine if someone like Dwayne Harris had transferred to USF. That would have been a whole lot worse.

Anyway, Bulls fans, start following @KGidrey45 on Twitter. Consider this a #followfriday request.