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Go To the USF-Akron Soccer Game. That's Not a Request, That's an Order.

USF Men's Soccer Trick Shot Video (via BullsVision)

Toro already explained all the things that make the men's soccer team great, including the sweet, sweet kits that we are all patiently waiting to buy. (Note to the athletic department: Please make this happen.) But you really need to go to the game on Saturday. Akron is the #1 men's team in the country in the preseason polls. Do you realize how rare it is that the #1 team in the country comes to play USF in any sport? Except for UConn women's basketball, it pretty much never happens. This is a chance to see your Bulls play, and possibly beat, the best of the best.

Technically it's preseason and this game doesn't count, but it kind of does count. Even in preseason, knocking off the #1 team looks really, really good to the people who vote in these polls. So USF fans, you need to be there on Saturday night at 7:30 in the USF Soccer Stadium. Bring some friends. Be loud. (This is a great opportunity to warm up your lungs and vocal cords for all that football screaming.) Make a difference. We're not asking you to be there, we're telling you.