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USF Football Suffers Shrinkage


I mean... you can't ask me not to make that joke here.

This all stems from Greg Auman's blog earlier today, in which he reported that USF has decided to go with the "truth in advertising" approach when it comes to listing the players' heights and weights.

In compiling measurements for the roster, USF went directly to trainer Steve Walz for the first time, and as a result, there's no embellishing heights or weights. There are also 28 returning football players who are listed as being shorter than they were last fall, including eight players who are at least two inches shorter.

For the record, I'm totally fine with all this. College programs (and probably some high schools too) have been stretching it for decades when it comes to listing the measurements of their players. But you can usually see it for yourself on TV, and I bet other teams figure it out on their own, too. Then there's the precise measuring at the NFL scouting combine to make absolutely sure, and if you turn out to be shorter and lighter than you were listed at in college, that can put a big dent in your draft stock. So I have no problem with USF deciding not to play this game.

Sure, it's a little concerning to get the real measurements on some of the new guys like Claude Davis, who came in at 6'5" and 260 pounds and is now 6'2" and 234. But on the other hand, it will be funny to see the people who start panicking about short quarterbacks when they realize that B.J. Daniels is now 5'11" instead of 6'1". Like that makes him any slower, or less agile, or it makes his rocket arm less powerful. He's still the same explosive and potentially awesome quarterback he's been all along. That wouldn't change no matter how big he is.

And it's also funny to look back and think, "Yeah, why were Keith McCaskill and Kevin McCaskill listed at different heights when they're identical twins?"