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#BeatFlorida Thursday

If you have a twitter account, I hope for one that you are following all three of us. Second, I'm sure you've seen the #BeatFlorida tweets that have been popping up from USF fans since midway through the third quarter of the Stony Brook game.

Syracuse fans have been running a great bit for the past two years each Friday during football season where they just let loose on the opposing team. No one is safe from ridicule, and they are hilarious.

I want to start the exact same thing on Thursdays* for USF. UF is the guinea pig, and if it works, we will make it a weekly thing.

We will have the best tweets of the day on our site along with the twitter handle of the person who wrote it.

Sound good?

*We will do #BeatOpponent Weekday games the day before. For example, #BeatRutgers will be on Tuesday.