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USF and Jim Leavitt Agree to Settlement

Being reported by both Adam Adkins and Greg Auman... the University and Jim Leavitt have agreed to settle Leavitt's wrongful termination suit for a total of $2.75 million. $2 million of that is for salary and benefits, and the other $750,000 is essentially a bonus/thank-you payment.

At this late date it's kind of a waste to assign blame or get up on our soapbox. If any of us were ever going to do that, the time to do it would have been right after Leavitt was let go. Since we're way past that, instead I'll just say everyone should be happy to have this behind them. A trial would have been lengthy, embarrassing for everyone, potentially very costly, and also poorly-timed as it could have dragged on and overshadowed the 2011 football season.

As Auman speculates, settling up this suit frees Leavitt to pursue other coaching opportunities, including possibly Kansas State, where Bill Snyder is keeping the chair warm, and where Leavitt was defensive coordinator before becoming USF's first coach.

"I'm grateful for the love and support of my family and all of the great people of Tampa Bay," Leavitt said in a statement. "I will always cherish my time at USF and what we built here together."

So will we. Good luck Coach. Unless you're on the other sideline, of course.